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Larisa Samarskaya

Designer, Seamstress, & Owner

Larisa is a highly creative, detail oriented artist who knows how to make your dress fit and move like an extension of you. Her work, always stunning, often innovative, and always tasteful speaks for itself - be sure to visit our galleries and check out our customer reviews.

A brilliant and talented woman, Larisa was born in Leipzig, Germany, but lived in Russia and the Ukraine, where she earned a master's degree in Civil Engineering. She moved to the U.S. in 1999, bringing with her a European-influenced style.

Larisa started sewing and designing when she was a child, and has enjoyed it ever since. Her philosophy about alterations is that it is possible to alter anything to fit, no matter how much a person has changed. She will create a design exclusively for you. She measures her success by the quality of the work she produces, and the satisfaction of her customers.

Larisa never says she is the best, but after reading the customer reviews referring to her work as magical pieces of art, or the best work in Triangle, you may start thinking so. Working with any fabric and any kind of gown - from budget conscience to extremely expensive designer dresses - makes her popular in the area. Larisa takes every dress personally. They remind her of final exams at the university - mistakes are not accepted, ever!

It should be perfectly done from a single fitting and on time.

If there is any "stress time" during the process of dress creation, then it is on Larisa, but never on a customer! Everything must fit precisely. The best reward for Larisa's work is when a bride tries her wedding gown that fits like a glove and she says "Wow!" Seeing happy faces gives her a huge charge and is what keeps Larisa going.