Custom Designed Wedding Dresses

If you want an exquisite wedding gown or dress - we can design a custom made, one-of-a-kind Gown just for you. We can order fabrics from anywhere on earth or you may choose from our collection, or we can work with the fabric you already have fallen in love with. We can transform a gown that you love but cannot use into something new and adorable. If you chose custom design:

  • We will offer for your choice several drawings or sketches designed especially to your specifications.
  • We will pick the fabric, lace and trim from boutique and if it is not in stock we will order for you.
  • As the result there will be stunning one of the kind Gown and it will be just for you, my dear!
  • On this page you can see the dresses designed by Larisa. Also, we are giving you a sneak peek into the process of dress creation.

    Custom Designed Dresses And Bridal Accessories

    grey_colored_dress.jpg White_dress_with_high_waist.jpg blue_silk_dress.jpg White_dress_with_black_belt.jpg IMAG0584.jpg IMAG0578.jpg Larisa Style Bridal Boutique dress Green Dress Pink dress

    beautiful dress step by step creation

    White dress fabrics start White dress sketch White dress torso

    Step 1 - Dress fabric chosen

    Step 2 - Some sketches

    Step 3 - Drape fabric on manikin based on the sketch


    Step 4 - top is ready (front view)


    Step 4 - top is ready (front view)

    White dress torso3 White dress s1

    Step 5 - dress is ready for fitting

    Custom designed red lace dress

    Red_Dress_fabrics_start.JPG red_dress_torso2.JPG

    Step 1 - fabric is alredy picked

    Step 2 - lining is ready for next step

    Red_Dress_fabrics_start.jpg red_dress_torso2.JPG

    Step 3 - how lining looks from inside,long zipper is on the back

    Step 4 - Dress is waiting for second fitting

    Red_Dress_fabrics_start.JPG Lace seams are not visible.JPG

    Seams are "without seams"

    White jacket at its differnt stages of creation

    White jacket step 1 White jacket step 2 White jacket step 3 White jacket step 4

    Gold Dress

    White jacket step 4 White jacket step 2 White jacket step 1 White jacket step 3 White jacket step 4